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Sierra Leone 2022 Lumley Beach Clean

In partnership with volunteer organizations and individuals around the globe, Vlog4Good engages people to appreciate and manage their natural resources for the benefit of each citizen. One of the methods we utilize is to remove trash from the world’s beaches and waterways. This year, we are aiming to become a beacon of hope for the people of Sierra Leone by leading and inspiring action in support of our ocean. We are aiming to initiate a monthly beach cleanup with participation of local businesses as well as external partners.

We are looking for support to purchase reusable cleaning items as well as sustaining help for our volunteers. As of now we have received 30+ Volunteers for the beach cleanup. The following items(listed below) will be used to help ensure their health & safety as well as provide the baseline necessary items for future cleanups .

  • Cleaning Boots

  • Cleaning Gloves

  • Trash Bags

  • Vlog4Good Vests

  • Wheel Barrow

  • Water(for workers)

  • Large Cooler

  • Ice

  • First Aid Kit

  • Hand Towels(sweat)

  • Bug Spray

  • Sun Tan Lotion

If you are unable to donate any of these items but would like to support the effort, please feel free to donate via $(Cashapp, Zelle, PayPal). No amount is too small as each donation will be used to cover the list of items above for the current clean-up as well as future clean-ups.

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